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JRS Beats.

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Cheap and simple beat licensing on the JRS Beat Store!

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You’ll find all our beats from Spotify and more on our site! (Exception for exclusive deals)

Simple License

All beats follow our one simple license agreement.

Instant Delivery

All beats are available for download immediately after purchase.

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Purchased beats remain in your account, available to re-download.

Why choose us for your projects?

All beats on our website come from small producers, by buying from us you help support them do what they love!

Why does this benefit you? The cost of beats are super competitive, and often way below average. Furthermore, with our simple licensing agreement, buy your beat and use it as many times as you like, in any application (including commercial use).

Frequently Asked Questions

Any beat purchased from JRS Beats can be used following our one simple license agreement. Visit our license page for full details.

Beats are offered in .wav format to provide high quality sound. If you wish to receive them in special formats (including FLAC, we can provide those on request.

This is beat dependent, we try our best to ensure it is clear on a beat purchase page whether it is cleared for social media use or not. However, if you have any concern, do not hesitate to contact us for confirmation.

Yes, as we offer our beats at an incredibly low price, there is a short producer tag within only the start of the beat. If you wish for this to be removed, contact us for special licensing.

Beats sold on JRS Beats are produced by a small group of UK based producers, who have chosen to sell under the “JRS Beats” name. If you would like to get in contact with a specific producer from one of our beats, contact us via our website and make sure to include the beat name you would like to contact the producer of in your message

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