About us

JRS UK is an online service provider, developer, and photographer/ videographer. JRS UK first started in 2014 when it was designed as a hobby site by its owner, from then JRS UK began to offer services in the local community, such as photography. As JRS UK became more known around the local organisations, we began to offer more services that include website and advertisement designing, and video production.


In 2016, JRS UK launched a new service Staziker.co.uk. Staziker was a family setup project site that started by building a weather station that could be accessed through the internet, this project is still available today and is viewable through the Staziker Hub (discontinued in 2019) website or app. Then Staziker built an internet connected, live streamable birdbox that allowed anyone to connect and view a camera from inside the birdbox for free, and from anywhere in the world. The Birdbox can also be viewed today from the Staziker website. JRS UK and Staziker.co.uk are continuing to work on high quality, low budget d.i.y projects today, and currently pull in over 200,000 viewers per year.


Furthermore, 2016 was also the year that JRS UK began to work with a larger local organisation that specialised in sports. The organisation wanted high quality promotional posters, and a professionally designed website, that was to help advertise an upcoming celebrity event that was to raise money for the refurbishment of facilities. This local organisation was very happy with the final products we created, and was so pleased that JRS UK continues to create advertisements, websites, and promotional videos for them today.


In 2018, JRS UK partnered with UKTV-OnHoliday.co.uk, a UK based VPN provider that offers reliable UK VPN's for its clients. Since partnering with UK TV On Holiday, they recieved a brand new website, and an e-commerce store that helped clients be able to buy access quicker than the previous solution. These changes helped UK TV On Holiday to increase sales and website visits within the first six months. - This service is now know also has another sector lauched late 2019 called UK VPN, learn more at UK-Internet.co.uk.


JRS UK continues to work with local organisations, and is based in/ around a rural village in North West of England, near Preston.