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About us

Our Story.

Where JRS began.

JRS started in 2014, originally launched as a hobby site. The owners intention was to utilise the website as a way to learn web development, and markup languages such as HTML, CSS, JS and PHP. A few years of developing skills later, JRS began designing and developing websites for a few local organisations. The final delivered website designs were received with great success, and as a result JRS began offering these development services via their website, and throughout the coming years added more service offerings to their portfolio.

The Staziker launch.

2016 saw JRS launch a new service called “Staziker”. A family setup project site that kicked off with building and developing an internet accessible weather station, this project was completed successfully and allowed users to access the weather information via the Staziker Hub app – This project operated successfully up until being discontinued in 2019.

Weather Station

Expansion into VPN’s.

In 2018, JRS partnered with, to create a UK based VPN provider. JRS handled deployment of multiple VPN servers, and proceeded to develop a website + e-commerce store to help clients buy VPN access quick and easily. – From the success of this partnership, another sector launched in late 2019 called “UK VPN”, more details about this service can be viewed at

JRS Music.

In 2022, JRS launched another service ‘JRS Beats’.

Currently, this continues to be an on-going project with an aim to expand the skill set of a few local music producers who are just getting started. The beats the producers are happy with will be sold on the JRS Beats website for a low price with a very simple and clear licensing agreement. – Benefiting the buyer on cost, whilst supporting individuals that are starting out.

As of May 2022, JRS Beats has started publishing beats onto the major streaming service, Spotify.

JRS Audio Mixer
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