About us.

JRS UK is an online service provider, website designer and developer. First started in 2014, JRS was launched as a hobby site by James, its owner. James's original intention when hosting the site was to utilise it as a way to delve into the world of website development, learning the programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JS and PHP. That is exactly what happened, and a few years later after further developing those skills, James got tasked with designing and developing websites for a few local organisations. The final designs delivered were recieved with great success, and as a result JRS began offering these development services via their website, and throughout the coming years added more service offerings to their portfolio.


In 2016, JRS launched a new service called "Staziker". Staziker was a family setup project site that started off with building and developing an internet accessible weather station, this project was completed successfully and allowed users to access the weather information via the Staziker Hub app - This project operated for several years before being discontinued in 2019.


Staziker continued to develop new project ideas, and in late 2016 completed a build of an internet connected live-streamable birdbox that allowed anyone around the world to view the camera inside for free. This project proved successful for Staziker and JRS, and lead to over 200,000 views over the first year. Unfortuately, the birdbox stream was discontinued the following year due to not having a suitable environment to install the box in.


By 2018, JRS partnered with UKTV-OnHoliday.co.uk, a UK based VPN provider offering reliable UK VPN connections. Since the partnership, UK TV On Holiday recieved a re-designed website and e-commerce store that helped new and existing clients be able to buy access quicker and easier. These changes resulted in increased sales and website traffic within the first six months of them going online. - From the success of this partnership, another sector launched in late 2019 called "UK VPN", more details about this service can be viewed at UK-Internet.co.uk.


As the pandemic developed in 2020, businesses had to adapt. Through communication with these local organisations JRS began to provide new online services that they required, such as booking facilities that are still relied on today.


JRS continues to work with multiple local organisations in the North West to provide and maintain their online facilities and services.

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